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About WTX News UK

WTX News UK is a British-based News agency. Spawned in diversity and working towards equality for all.

With offices in London and the North of England, supported by a team of fluid journalists who go to where the news is and bring you the truth.

We also have News reporters strategically based around the United Kingdom to cover the most important news from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.

About WTX News UK

At WTX News UK we cover all the news from the local and national music scene to ensure our readers stay informed about what is culturally important and trending.

We work with Global Partners

We work with partners and news agencies in the Middle East who cover all the breaking news from the Middle East

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Why did we start?

Money? No way; news publishers and news agencies are shutting down left-, right and centre, unable to compete with large conglomerates.

So why did we start? Noble intentions perhaps – well it sounds nice, but not that either.

WTX News represents a small group of like-minded people who like to stay informed and share what they know with others. We read all the sources, verify the authenticity and then decide on the narrative for ourselves. WTX provides a platform where we inform, share, discuss and debate with everyone.

Our mission

We collect and organise all the important information – written and visual – to ensure you can take your daily news dosage with your cup of coffee, chai latte or orange juice.


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I have been desperately trying to contact you and your website has a few email addresses – but they all bounce back unfortunately
Please can you immediately take down this article as the original published in the ‘Sun’ has been removed due to inaccuracies and incorrect information – all other papers have also followed and taken it down – I would like to thank you for your urgent attention to this matter – Thank you

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